About Us

The idea of Today Last Year arose from the desire to have a place where you can share your real memories and emotions daily with no one else but yourself.

We live in a fast-paced world where life is often portrayed as more beautiful than it actually is. On social media, mainly the beautiful moments are shared, and most photo albums are filled with happy photos with our friends and family. However, that is not the reality, and we keep the lesser moments in life mostly to ourselves.

With Today Last Year we offer you a platform where you can reflect honestly every day. It is a safe and personal place where you share your feelings and experiences with yourself in up to 156 characters per day.

By writing down your experience and feelings, you can reflect on the day and vent your heart. Additionally, with Today Last Year you build a timeline of memories. Real memories about your real feelings and experiences that are much more valuable than anything you have ever posted on social media.